Silage Ground:

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Apply your P & K in the Autumn.
(3 bags of Cut Sward 24-2.5-10 per acre for 1st� cut of silage)
(5 bags of 0-7-30 per acre for 2nd� cut of silage)

Follow up in the Springtime with 108 Units of Nitrogen per acre for the 1st Cut of Silage and 75 to 80 units for the 2nd and subsequent cut of silage.



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Apply 1.5 bags of 0-7-30 per acre in the Autumn and follow on with 4.5 bags of Cut Sward� 24-2.5-10 in the Springtime for the 1st Cut and 3 bags of Cut Sward 24-2.5-10 per acre for subsequent cuts.

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Apply a compound fertilizer in Springtime3 to 4 bags per acre of 10-10-20 and top dress about 80 units of Nitrogen towards the end of March.

For Your Crop of Hay

Apply 3 to 3.5 bags 18-6-12 per acre when closing off the field for hay, usually in April.
An application of 3 to 4 bags of 10-10-20 Or 14-7-14 may also be used.
Alternatively 2-3 bags 20-4-10� (Leifi Grass) may be used.

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