Swede Turnips

7 to 8 per acre of 8-5-18 + Boron.
Or 6-10-18+Boron.

Fodder Beet

10 bags per acre of 8-5-18 + Boron and top dress with 1 to 1.5 bags of Net Nitrate per acre in June.� � � � � � � � �


8 to 10 bags of� 7-6-17 or 8 to 10 bags of 10-10-20 per acre. *7-6-17 may give drier potatoes.� �


5 to 6 bags per acre of 8-5-18 +Boron.
Basic Vegetable (Cabbage, sprouts, etc) will benefit from a top dressing with Nitrogen.
1.5 to 2 bags of Net Nitrate per acre of leafy stages of the crop.

All of these listed recommendations are for 50kg bags. Where slurry has been applied, application rates should be reduced accordingly.

� � � � � � �


* Almost one third of Irish soil is deficient in Sulphur.

* Proper treatment of Sulphur deficient grassland soils will boost output of grass/silage by up to 30% over the growing season.

* Cereal crops also give a response to Sulphur though not as startling as grassland.

We in GRASSLAND FERTILIZERS (KILKENNY) LTD are conscious of the Sulphur problem so we have added Sulphur to many of our Products (See Product List)
it costs a little extra but a small price to pay for the extra production that will accrue.

N.B. Sulphur should be put out only where it is required and should not exceed advised spreading rates.
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All the recommendations in this web site are based on average soil types and conditions. Contact your Agricultural advisor and do a soil analysis test for more exact information on your fertilizer requirements. Grassland Fertilizers (Kilkenny) Ltd. will not accept liability for any lose or claim arising from recommendations laid down on this web site.